• Take 1 for yourself

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    Once a week I take a spa shower.A spa shower is all about me,not the norm everyday get in get out shower.First take your mind to “me”The hair gets a good shampoo and then carefully remove moisture from the hair,apply conditioner from scalp to ends with your fingers,giving the scalp a massage as you work it through your hair.Now you can shave those legs that have gotten the once over through the week.Enjoy peace and you!

  • Me

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    Thanks for some of the great comments I have received.First off I am not claiming to be a chemist.(to a extent)I have been in the hair field for 28 years,so for me its not only about designing hair but how it works.I research on my spare time and when I am applying color I am thinking about the process that is taken place in the hair shaft.Sometimes its hard for my brain to visualize the whole process.I would hope someday  a child  would not have to experience growing up without hair.When I  learn all there is to hair its time for me to put the scissors down.A lot of people think hair is like growing flowers,water it fertilize it and beautiful flowers. The Hair shaft does not get its Keratin and moisture from so to speak from the ground up.It works more like when you spray the leaves of plants with nutrients which then are absorb.

  • Phyllis Rollinson Sep.1925- Oct.29 2011

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    Not many clients that came to J&J did not know who Phyllis was.The conversations with Phyllis ranged anywhere from raising children to politics.She always had a refreshing view on any topic.Phyllis was a client of Jerry’s most of his career and we will all miss “the words of wisdom”by Phyllis.

  • SmoothOut the BlowOut

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    There is no gas here!Come in to J&JHair Designs and breathe easy.Perfection SmoothOut transforms coarse,frizzy,curly hair into shiny, smooth,  sensual hair lasting for months.Perfection is so gentle it allows same day color and shampoo.Contact us for your appointment today.

  • Cocktailing styling prouducts

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    With all the bad weather we have already seen this year,out of complete boredom women start to organize our homes.We all all hate the job and the fact that we have tons of styling products that promise to add volume ,curl,bounce,and shine to the hair.Hm mm not so much?Everyone changes there clothes,moisturizers for you skin and eating habits in the winter.Ever thought why don’t we change your stying products?After all the air is different your hair stands on end from static and those bouncy waves in the summer you had have disappeared.Schwarzkopf osis styling products are inter mixable which we call cocktailing.The osis buff which is a voluming product and the osis thrill (fiber gum)adds texture and hold to the hair.Add these two products to the palms of your hands and emulsify together and you have volume and hold.If you like your hair straight and shiny cocktail osis slick and osis magic.So the next time you buy professional products think outside the box,cocktail year around.