If It Was Only That Easy

I don’t understand why we all want our hair to look great but maintenance free. I don’t mind when clients bring in pictures of haircuts. I do mind when the next comment is “I don’t want to have to do anything to it”. Hair is like your skin, it must be cleansed not the plop (plop the shampoo on hair and rinse) and adding essential moisture and keratin. There is a proper way to shampoo hair:

Wet hair thoroughly moving hair side to side using your fingers to raise the hair up off the scalp.

Apply shampoo to palm of hands.

Work shampoo between your hands.

Apply to hair massaging scalp with the pads of your finger tips. Sulfate free shampoos do not lather as much so add more water to the hair.

Rinse hair properly.

Don’t believe? Shampoo your normal way, when you are done feel the lower nape of your hairline. Yup! Shampoo residue. Conditioner makes my hair greasy. Or… my hair is still dry. You must get as much moisture out of your hair before conditioning (remember no plop), finish shower, rinse.

If your stylist cannot prescribe a professional shampoo and conditioner for your hair, J&J can. Our experienced stylist will tell the benefits of our professional hair care lines. Happy shampooing!