Joy, Hairstylist

Joy has been a hairstylist since 1983. She enjoys the challenges as well as the constant change of the hairstyling profession. Most of all, she enjoys meeting new people. Joy tries to keep all lines of communication open with her clients in order to provide them with exactly what they want, and to be able to confidently recommend the very best for their hair needs.

Some of Joy’s hobbies include motorcycle touring with her husband, piddling in the yard, and playing with her dogs rescued at local shelters.

One thought on “Joy, Hairstylist”

  1. I met Joy in 2000 when I went for a regular visit to see Jerry. After speaking with her as well as Jerry, I found out that she was an excellent hair stylist when it came to cutting children’s hair. My son was born in February of 2000, so when it was time for his first hair cut in 2001, Joy was our obvious choice. Now 11 years later, Joy is the only person that I will take my son to for a hair cut. They have a great relationship, joke constantly and can often be found playing video games together on the computer while I am having my hair done.

    I think Joy has a wonderful personality and have seen how her customers love having her as their stylist as well. I am glad that Jerry and Joy went in to business together because it is a perfect match.

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